“Locality of the school is very good. Teachers are excellent. Celebrating regional and national events is very impressive and appreciable”

Mr. Raghavendra S.B. and Mrs. Sunitha G. parents of student Om Srinidhi Sushrutha S.R.

“After joining Champaka Academy®, my daughter’s English and communication skills have improved. Now she mingles with other children confidently and plays”

Dr. Vinayak Kadlimatti and Dr. Mrs. Vidyavathi Kadlimatti, parents of student Vibha KadlimattiDoctor

“My daughter enjoys going to Champaka Academy® and is getting a good platform for social interaction. School maintains good, healthy and hygienic environment.”

Mr. Chakravarthy G. Kalyan and Mrs. Ruchika G. Naidu, parents of student Dhwani G. Naidu

“The school is teaching the kids in a good pattern. They teach them to respect elders and have lots of extra-curricular activities.”

Mr. Basavaraju and Mrs. Usha, parents of student Dristi

“Nirupam started his schooling in Champaka Academy® at the age of 1.7 years . I appreciate the individual care and attention given to the kids in grooming them apart from their academics. The celebration of National and cultural festivals helps the child to grow with the values of life, patriotism, discipline and passion.”

Mr. Niranjana Murthy D and Mrs. Belaku V Chandu, parents of student Nirupam N Vijay