Smt. Nagalakshmi is the Founder of Champaka Academy® institutions. She is an engineering graduate and has worked in the IT industry. She quit her job to raise her kids, during which she developed many innovative ways to teach them. She took up the initiative to start Champaka Academy® to further pursue her passion to teach and enable children at tender ages through the innovative methods she had developed. She believes each child is unique and hence teaching in Champaka Academy® is targeted for each child based on specific strengths and needs of the child. The academy takes a holistic approach towards development of each child, through an activity centre that imparts skills apart from academics. Nagalakshmi is also an accomplished danseuse and teacher with a masters degree in dance (Bharatanaytam).

Smt. Deepamani K A is the Head of Champaka Academy®, Hebbal. She is a MCA degree holder from RGPV, Bhopal. She has worked as a corporate trainer in Infosys, as a lecturer in Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mysore and as a Software Engineer in HCL Technologies. Passionate about teaching, she continued to study Early Childhood Education (Montessori and Kindergarten  education) and believes that each child is a powerhouse of talent, which can be explored through activity based learning. She is fluent with English, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil.

Smt. Roopa is a senior faculty member and Head of Champaka Academy® Ramakrishna Nagar centre. She is a Commerce graduate from University of Mysore. She has worked as Assistant Librarian in Government Libraries. She is passionate about being with kids and teaching and is adept in instilling confidence in each child that she deals with. She is fluent in English and Kannada languages. She is married and has a son.

Smt. Asha Avinash is a Computer Science and Statistics graduate from University Of Mysore. She has earlier worked at other preschools in Hyderabad and Mysore. She is interested in innovative teaching methods for children and is passionate about being with kids, enjoying and teaching them. She is fluent in English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil.