“My daughter was admitted to the first batch of Champaka Academy® and I was a bit anxious but soon I felt that I was a lucky parent as the school provided great atmosphere, good quality education along with discipline. All celebrations are done with lots of preparation making them meaningful and colourful. The well trained and kind teachers care for the children individually. That made Champaka Academy® an automatic choice for my son too.”

Mrs. Supritha, mother of students Suchita and Sankalp

“My son went to Champaka Academy® when he was just 18 months old…the amazing thing was that he got adjusted very fast due to the secure feeling he received from the teachers. All the teachers are very friendly, patient and love kids. The place is very neat and clean, so kids seldom get sick. The whole experience for me and my son at Champaka was a memorable one.”

Mr. Narayana Subbarao and Mrs. Veena Subbarao, parents of student Samarth Narayana

“Champaka Academy® is highly creative in teaching the tiny tots. The Academy is fulfilling and satisfying the expectations and requirements of both parents and children by delivering its best. Champaka Academy® can carve a niche in the overall development of child’s interest and ability. We wish the school all the best in its endeavours.”

Dr. N. Nagaraja and Mrs. Ragini H.S., parents of student Avaneesh N.Doctor

“Champaka Academy® is a superb and fantastic school as both my children enjoyed their Preschool days. We like a few things very much:
– Teachers’ hard work and patience. We would like to thank their dedication and support in bringing up our children.
– Healthy competition amongst the students to improve their talent.
– Very hygienic environment that they maintain and also teach kids.
– Physical activities to have great fun.
We would like to thank all the teachers and the Principal for their support in bringing up the kids.”

Mr. Gangadhara Bharathi D.V. and Mrs. Manjula R., parents of student Charvi G.

“A child in Champaka Academy® learns the basic things like manners, discipline, confidence along with their regular studies.”

Mr. Manjunath G M and Sandhya Manjunath, parents of student Anvitha M